Our Journey to Open Exploration High School

A small group of teachers had just won Solution Tree's 2014 national Redefining Excellence in the Classroom Award after getting outstanding results at an urban charter school in St. Paul, Minnesota.

With the success came recognition, and one community education leader approached the small group of teachers with a challenge: 
"Create an entire school built around the culture of your innovative classroom." 
She encouraged them to seek out transformative ideas that are working throughout the country, and fuse the best parts together to reimagine what a school can be for all students. 

In a continuously adapting and evolving way, Exploration High School is being created. With an executed charter contract with the Minnesota Guild, an active Board of Directors, and 501(c)3 nonprofit status granted from the IRS; Exploration High School is moving forward with a scheduled launch of fall 2020. 

A Continuous Journey as a Learning Organization

We are, at our core, a learning organization.


We look to share what we learn with fellow educators and all community stakeholders through open networks.


Below are essential learning resources to help the communities we aim to serve understand our values and beliefs. 

See It

This one minute clip describe the outcomes of 21st century learners. 

(Click icon on the left to watch)

School Design Lab 2Revolutions created this glimpse into the evolution of America's workforce, and how the education system has not yet adapted to its changing demands. (8 minutes | Click icon to watch)

Former high school dropout and current Harvard Professor Todd Rose gives a transformational talk on why building schools for the average student can not possibly meet the needs of all. In the talk he lays out a vision for designing learning systems to meet individual needs. (18 minutes | Click icon to watch)

Drawn from one of Sir Ken Robinson's popular TED Talks, this RSA Animate 

video describes the origins of American standardized education, and how it is failing to engage and empower today's learners. (12 minutes | Click icon to watch)

Read It

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Explore It

Believe It

Iowa BIG was created when local stakeholders in business, industry, and government saw a widening gap between what school was teaching and what the modern workforce demanded. They developed projects that connect young people to community initiatives that make an impact.

Tri-County Early College in rural North Carolina uses a teacher-powered model to co-create authentic learning experiences with students. Integrating early college credentials provide additional incentive for students to challenge themselves and become self-navigating doers. 

One Stone in Boise, Idaho provides a learning environment that allows individuals to flourish. Using design thinking, personalized learning, one-on-one advisory, and real world work experiences; students are able to go out into the world with the skills and belief to make a difference. 

See more examples of what innovators are doing to provide transformative learning communities throughout the country.


Someday, we hope Exploration High School joins these and other innovative schools to reimagine the future of learning so that every young person can become their best self.

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