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My name is Nathan Strenge, and I am the co-founder and board chair of Exploration High School. It is my true privilege to build a transformational learning community where every single person involved (students, teachers, parents, and community members) feels valued and empowered. Through incredible  experiences throughout the educational landscape, I feel honored to create a community that uses flexible time and space with redefined roles and goals to get young people working on authentic community problems. I hope you join us on this journey to co-create your own unique learning experience. We put learners in the drivers seat - come for a joyful adventure to get wherever you want to go. 

To exploration,

Nathan Strenge

Meet Our Executive Board

Mari Avaloz

1st Grade

Stephen Kemp

2nd Grade

Kelly McQuillan

3rd Grade

Eileen Sene

4th Grade

Shawn Smith

5th Grade

Molly Thornton

6th Grade

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Start-Up Coordinators

Nathan Strenge | (320) 248 -1135


Sam Neisen | (651) 335 - 8583



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