Explorers center our school’s framework. Explorers are high school students who embody curiosity and determination, passionately pursuing purpose by engaging in community problem solving. Explorers understand the 4 C's -communication, creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration - are essential components of individual and community success in the 21st century. Furthermore, by working with adult learning guides, peers, and community mentors, all explorers become adaptable innovators to succeed in life after school.

 All explorers will graduate prepared for college, career, and life itself. Not only will they have developed a community network and marketable skills, they will have been given opportunities to earn early college and professional credentials. 


Having started on a journey to discover their purpose, all explorers will leave empowered to pursue any dream imaginable.

To support our framework, Exploration adheres to the following core values​:


Exploring Purpose

School decisions are made to support individual’s pursuit and understanding of purpose, and learner-centered practices are purposefully integrated. Community Asset Projects (CAPs) and interdisciplinary inquiry support individualized skill building. These explorer-driven projects aim to empower young people to challenge themselves with real problems that require creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration. Ultimately, our explorers will seek deeper purpose on a personal level with supportive coaching, curriculum, and mindset.

Teacher Powered

Teachers are the adaptable force cultivating our transformative learning community. Not only do teachers co-design unique learning experiences to inspire our explorers, they share responsibilities to create our culture of purpose, collaboration, and character. Additionally, they are compensated to reflect their leadership role. 

Community of Collaborators

We look to collaborate both internally and externally to be an asset to the community by developing explorers ability to work on teams while solving real problems. Building communication skills through competency-based strategies will be paramount to creating authentic community networks for all explorers.  Our school looks to partner with institutions and organizations that support our purposeful community-focused mission.

Character Matters

We are not a factory manufacturing standardized products. We are developing human capacity through intentional relationships that strengthens trust, develops growth mindset, sparks curiosity, and inspires lifelong learning. 

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