The people involved, and the relationships they form with diverse communities,
help make Exploration High School a transformational place of learning. 

Start-Up Coordinators

Nathan Strenge & Sam Neisen

The future of learning starts with relationships. It's the people involved in the development of Exploration High School that will help create a place where all people - regardless of age, identity, or heritage - feel valued and empowered. Empathy is the foundation for trusting relationships. Trust is grown by consistently doing what's best for others. We believe Exploration High School will build these trusting relationships with diverse communities across the Twin Cities and throughout the globe.


Thank you for your support, and we look forward to collaborating.

Nathan Strenge   and     Sam Neisen

Mari Avaloz

Program Director

Upward Bound at St. Olaf

Stephen Kemp - Chair

Math Educator

St. Thomas University | ISD 196

Hibo Ali


University of Minnesota

Eileen Sene

Risk Assurance Director


Shawn Smith

Vice President

Wildamere Capital 

Steve Owen


Lockridge Grindal Nauen

Jon Bacal


Twin Cities Changemakers

Community Ambassadors

  • Community Ambassadors advocate for Exploration High School and its learners

Highlighted Community Ambassadors

Jemar Lee


Morningside College

Wayne Jennings

MN Education Legend

Jennings Community School

Aditi Lal

Education and Societal Change

Soka University

Randy Fielding

Founder and Principal

Fielding International

Jasmine McBride


Education Reimagined

Ben Owens

Education Innovator

Open Way Learning

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Start-Up Coordinators

Nathan Strenge | (320) 248 -1135

Sam Neisen | (651) 335 - 8583


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