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Workforce Readiness & Skill Development

ExHS prepares to equip youth and community with relevant, high-demand skills.

Exploration High School trains students for the work they want to do and the jobs that will be available in the 21st century. There is a troubling mismatch between the number of new, high-paying jobs in fields like construction, advanced manufacturing, and information technology and the number of students who are preparing to work in those fields so we are partnering with local businesses and the City of Minneapolis to make a hub for skill development and workforce readiness in Northeast.  

Workforce Development Hub: Our Vision

The Workforce Readiness Hub will allow both our students and community to equip for success in the modern economy.  While courses in electrical wiring, sheet-rocking, or IT-Networking will be offered on the campus of Exploration High School the Hub will offer programming directed at students and community members alike. Stay tuned for course listings, networking events, and other opportunities to prepare for rewarding new careers starting this fall.

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