Fueling a movement to awaken 
student-directed learning through deep, trusting relationships

The Why

We believe reimagining education around student empowerment through student-directed learning will profoundly change the world. 

Open networks allow for a free flow of ideas and radical collaboration to overcome great challenges. We challenge antiquated learning systems by supporting, improving, and building on each others ideas, work, and vision to reimagine education. 

The Who

An open network of people, young and old, who are passionate about creating and sustaining student-directed learning at the individual, school, community, and policy level(s).

All voices are welcome at State of Education.


Diversity is valued.

The What

While continuously enriching our own understanding of best practices, we seek to cultivate and promote student-directed learning in the capacities in which we individually function (policy, teacher, design, administration, community advocate, etc.).

We create opportunities for groups of people to come together to co-learn and spark action about specific and tangible elements of student-driven learning. 

Last Big Event - May 11, 2019
Open Way Learning Gala with Ben Owens

Next Gathering

Saturday, 10/26 starting at 9:00 am

Fielding Nair International Minneapolis Studio

Discussing "Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis" by Robert Putnam

If you are interested in joining these discussions, please email for more information. 

Exploration High Schools supports State of Education and its leaders from contributing Minnesota thought partners.

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