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Start-Up Coordinators

Nathan Strenge | (320) 248 -1135

Sam Neisen | (651) 335 - 8583


229 13th Ave NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413

We will open with incoming 9th and 10th graders in fall 2020

Empowering Learners            Building Community           

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A reimagined public high school 

Creating a school of self-driven learners who collaborate to build a culture of community problem solvers with the skills and dispositions to pursue any dream imaginable.

Through flexible use of time and space, Exploration High School cultivates a framework for all students to explore, identify, and solve community problems that have intrinsic value to the individual and external value to the community. 

Rather than looking at academic excellence as an end goal of learning, we believe academic excellence is a foundation to authentically engage in complex problem solving. Real problems require an application of core knowledge that makes the learning intrinsically valuable, and hence more meaningful.  

Come learn with us as we build a learning community that empowers all individuals to seek purpose and create an impact.

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