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Exploration High School

Time for Change


Exploration High School (ExHS) - a public school for public good - is led by students, powered by teachers, and rooted in community. Our learner-centered model builds learning into every moment, from all key school decisions to the development of relevant, 21st-century skills. Our teaching team maintains a growth mindset alongside students to empower and co-design their educational experience. Every young person deserves an education that embraces their vision and identity, challenging them to achieve their potential.

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Why are we reimagining high school?  



Exploration High School addresses the core design flaw in 20th century schools



Rigid time and space arrangements: sometimes referred to as "cells and bells"
Siloed subjects: learning in disjointed parts unlike every other aspect of life

Single-teacher classrooms: maintains teacher-directed passive learning environments

Normative pacing: whole class standard pacing geared towards the "average" student

This means:

  • Schools cannot address meaningful community problems.

  • All individuals' needs cannot be met


  • Schools are unable to include students in authentic decisions.


  • Teachers often work hard to make learning relevant and personalized, but are inhibited by the constraints of the efficiency model.

This leads to:


...students are


...students are



act out



To address this problem we created a 21st century school. 

A 21st Century School

To meet the diverse needs and aspirations of all students, Exploration High School is designed for flexibility. 


Restructuring Time

Explorers know that time is their most precious resource. They learn to spend it on their terms in pursuit of mastery, self-discovery, and community service. Explorers collaborate with advisors and each other to discover their goals and align their daily, weekly, and long-term schedules to achieve them.


Repurposing Space

Exploration High School is made to feel like a welcoming home, and the world is our classroom. We invite the community into our space to learn with us and celebrate the achievements of Explorers.  Explorers are challenged to go into their communities to learn by doing from experts.

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Reimagining Roles

Students are Explorers design their unique learning pathway with guidance, structure, and support. The job of Explorers is to discover their passions, cultivate mastery, and improve the world. Adults are Guides who advocate, celebrate, and empower every Explorer to thrive now and in the future.


Redefining Goals

Our goals aren’t set by an ancient bureaucracy-- they are personal, relevant, and meaningful. Exploration High School’s goal is to add value to our community and help young people become empathetic and empowered 21st century change agents. Explorers and Guides work together to discover and achieve academic and personal goals.

new kind
How We Learn

How We Learn

Sustainable Energy

Community Asset Projects

CAPs are how we learn and how we change the world. Explorers work with guides, professionals, and each other to understand and solve meaningful projects in their communities.

Engineering Class

Career Readiness

Exploration High School is committed to teaching skills that matter. Through partnerships with local companies, organizations, and individuals, Explorers can spend their time doing what they love and the world needs. 

Image by Yasin Yusuf


Explorers and guides collaborate daily to set goals, reflect on learning and progress, and foster mutual understanding and respect. In advisory, we celebrate the successes of Explorers, navigate through the difficulties of the learning journey, and hold each other accountable for achieving our potential.

Headphones and sheet music


Exploration listens to our students and their interests. Whether it is robotics, athletics, or the arts, our flexible schedule lets students commit to their passions.



Exploration is a fully accredited, public, tuition-free high school in Minneapolis. The Minnesota Guild serves as our authorizer and reports on our behalf to the Minnesota Department of Education. Explorers will graduate with a 4 year diploma ready for post-secondary education or to start their career.

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