Exploration High School

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Discover your goals. Reach them on your terms. 

Advisors guide students to unpack who they are answering three key questions: 


What brings you joy?

What are you good at?

Where does the world need you? 

What do you want out of your education?

  • Prepare for college?

  • Learn a trade?

  • Create an app?

  • Start a job?

  • Launch a website?

  • Start a non-profit?

  • Build a home?

  • Be an advocate?

Our flexible design will get you there while you make the world a better place.

Student Sample Schedule

Build a schedule that accomplishes your goals and ignites your passions. Do you want to help solve the housing crisis? Do you want to revolutionize sustainable energy? Do you love music and food?

This could be your week at ExHS.



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